In this 40 minute documentary, Dr. Kacem Zoughari discusses in-depth the various methods of the Den — transmission — of japanese classical martial arts, including ninjutsu. Written ninja manuals like the Bansenshukai, Shōninki and Ninpiden are analyzed in this light, and Dr. Zoughari explains why they are not as interesting as many today believe. The title of the movie reflects that the transmissions of old are just as useful today and will adapt to the future — if the flow is kept clear and true.

Produced and edited by William Ustav.
Music by Rannar Sillard.
Thanks to Cecilia Andrén, Brandon Alvarez and Martin Fujan.

Any mistakes in the movie are only a reflection on the editing and not Dr. Zoughari. This 40 minute film was edited from a 2 hour interview.

Pour en savoir plus sur l’univers des ninjas, nous vous invitons à vous procurer l’ouvrage : Ninpô : Ninjutsu, L’Ombre de la Lumière :

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